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I would highly recommend it to anyone wanting a firmer grasp
on life's most important book.
-Dr. Robert Lewis
Pastor at Large, Fellowship Bible Church, Little Rock, AR
Author and Founder of Men's Fraternity

One of the greatest needs of our day is a working knowledge of the biblical story. Mitch Maher not only knows it, but he has put it down in understandable terms and flow. Anyone who reads/watches Clarifying The Bible will come away with a lifelong framework to understand his Bible.
Tom Nelson
Senior Pastor, Denton Bible Church, Denton, TX Teacher of The Song of Solomon Conferences

There is no question that Biblical ignorance leads to a multitude of sins. Behind Biblical ignorance is often an intimidation of the Bible itself. Clarifying The Bible goes to war with that intimidation and equips and frees men and women to engage the Scriptures with a passion and freedom. It's a powerful presentation and inspires all who hear it to make Biblical study a lifelong passion. I've personally seen people move from Biblical apathy to passionate students of God's word after engaging Mitch and Clarifying The Bible. Exciting stuff!
John Bryson
Teaching Pastor, Fellowship Memphis Church Consultant, Fellowship Associates, Little Rock, AR

The current generation of college students is one marked by misconceptions of true Christianity, biblical illiteracy, and the inability to quiet the mind and sit still. Clarifying the Bible is an effective resource in helping new Christians coming out of this context to understand the Great Story from beginning to end. Mitch presents it in a personally engaging and concise way, which is appealing to this easily distracted generation. I will enthusiastically use it for years to come!
Michael Cody
Campus Outreach Campus Director at the University of North Alabama

We don't need another Bible - we need more understanding of the one we already have. To me this is the hallmark of Clarifying The Bible. The Bible can be a very daunting and intimidating book to most anyone. How can you possibly get your hands (and mind) around this massive work? What people need is a well written, professional Executive Summary or Overview. This is what we do in the business world. We start off reading these summaries to get a quick 'understanding of the offer/product or situation.' If we elect to dig deeper for further clarification, we can refer to the details of the report. In a spiritual sense, this is what Mitch Maher has done. He has given us an Executive Overview of the Bible. Clarifying The Bible can help you comprehend and mentally grasp the big picture of the Bible. It is the 30,000' view. It leads and assists a person to have the intellectual capacity and stream of consciousness to follow this miraculous story. Clarifying The Bible has the potential to remove the scales from one's eyes and launch someone into a more profound relationship with the Bible and its teaching. Who could ask for more than this? It has made a big impact on my life. In my personal opinion, it is absolutely invaluable.
Kem Wilson 
Principal & Executive Vice President, Kemmons Wilson Companies, Memphis, TN
Chairman of the Board, Downline Ministries, Memphis, TN

An AMAZING resource! Mitch has provided an enriching way to dive into the Scriptures for anyone, no matter where you are in life. I’ve seen personally, from a small group setting to one-on-one, how this resource can open up our understanding of God’s Word in a way that drives you to want more of Jesus. My wife and I love it!
Hip Hop Artist, Reach Records; Radio Host, #SERIUM

I grew up in church, son of a pastor. I have worked in churches for years and paid quality money for a fantastic seminary education and yet, no resource has so concisely framed the narrative of Scripture as Mitch's work in "Clarifying the Bible". I watch it regularly. I teach it often. The power for me is in what it illuminates in personal and group study. I have given this to many leaders and friends. It should be in the hands of every follower of Jesus that they might know, teach, and embody the Gospel more and more.
Will Rambo
Teaching Pastor, The Orchard, Tupelo, MS

Every Christian knows that reading the Bible is fundamental for spiritual growth. However, many of them find the Bible intimidating and difficult to understand. As promised, Mitch helped clarify the Bible and gave those in attendance a helpful and clear framework to better understand the story of the Scriptures. Everyone left equipped and eager read their Bible again. Mitch is a terrific communicator, and his knowledge of and passion for God and His self-revelation were clearly evident. I was encouraged, challenged, and refreshed by Mitch's presentation. I highly recommend Clarifying The Bible.
Beau Hughes
The Village Church, Denton Campus Pastor

Mitch's Clarifying The Bible presentation is terrific. He does a magnificent job. His survey of the Bible is compact, and the clarity is much needed. I found myself wishing I had had that as a young man. I didn't even get it in such a succinct package in seminary.
Dr. Maxie Dunnam
Chancellor, Asbury Theological Seminary

When someone asks, 'Where do I start in reading the Bible?' they are often told, 'Start by reading the book of John.' That's a great answer, but where do you go from there? I think Clarifying The Bible. This presentation gives a novice reader as well as a learned student a grasp of the overall contents of the Bible. Sure, I think it should be mandatory reading for junior high and high school students, but for seminary students as well. It's also perfect for Bible study classes at any church. Without trying to give 'his personal' interpretation of what the Bible says, Mitch Maher has tried to give a concise overview of its contents - all in less than two hours. It's much more than a table of contents - it's a solid look at what the Bible's all about.
Dwight Morris
Oral Surgeon, Memphis, TN

Clarifying the Bible has turned the lights on for countless aspiring disciple makers participating in the Downline Institute. The brilliance of this tool is that it is at the same time simple and robust, theologically deep yet reteachable, and its progression and flow build the confidence of the learner. It is no wonder this tool is being taught by pastoral and lay leaders all over the world. I’ve rarely made it six months with a young protege without equipping them with Clarifying the Bible.
Danny Hinton
Executive Director of Downline Ministries, Little Rock

I highly recommend Mitch Maher's Clarifying The Bible. It is a unique resource that succinctly brings together valuable information about the Bible's message and theology. I have used the material with great profit in our home and in many classes at our church. Church leaders will appreciate that it is well-researched and warmly presented for the people of God.
Dr. Paul S. Lamey
Pastor, Grace Community Church, Huntsville, AL

We are all aware of the growing phenomenon of biblical illiteracy, and I sometimes hear pastors complain that the mammoth proportions of the problem make it difficult to teach and preach because it is necessary to keep things at such a basic level. Mitch Maher has set out to address this problem. His overview, Clarifying The Bible, indeed clarifies the whole Bible. He is a clear and likable communicator, and he knows his stuff. May the Lord use Mitch and this project to turn the tide of biblical illiteracy!
Dr. James "Jim" Hamilton
Associate Professor of Biblical Theology, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

Mitch Maher is a gifted teacher and communicator mixed with incredible humility. Mitch is passionate about teaching the Bible all the way from Genesis to Revelation. He has an incredible ability to take very academic information and make it very practical to your life. Mitch has been an instrumental part of the Kanakuk Institute, which takes the cream of the crop of approximately 60 college graduates per year from a staff of over 2500 from Kanakuk Kamps and equips them with biblical skills for a lifetime of ministry. The information in Clarifying The Bible is an essential part of the spiritual development of any believer, no matter what the age. However, I strongly feel that this resource and Mitch's teaching would be greatly influential to any college or school setting.
Keith Chancey
President, The Kanakuk Institute