What is Clarifying The Bible?

Clarifying The Bible is a DVD presentation with an accompanying workbook. In less time than it takes to watch the average movie you will be introduced to the Bible like never before. The DVD presentation takes viewers on an exciting journey from Genesis all the way to Revelation.

The workbook is divided into two major sections, Section I: DVD Notes and Section II: Notes for Further Study. Use Section I for your first viewing of the DVD presentation. Pop in the DVD, watch at our own pace, and use this section to take your initial set of notes. Then use Section II for further study. This section contains much more information related to each portion of the presentation. You can work through this section of the book either with or without the DVD presentation.

JUSTIN TAYLOR, Crossway and The Gospel Coalition

"This is the best material I’ve seen at an intro level for explaining what’s in the Bible and how it fits together.”